Sinister Sam Storey

I feel I became a tattoo artist by coincidence, a happy accident, and am so glad and grateful it happened! 


I had been drawing from a young age and always knew I would have a career in an alternative industry. After going to university for fine arts, I was still lost as to what to do. I had a love for 'alternative' cultures and needed to be able to express myself on a day-to-day basis, something most jobs definitely do not encourage.

After getting a tattoo done from one of my drawings and having the artist encourage me to start tattooing, it seemed we had found the obvious solution. Ive been very lucky over the years, getting to work alongside some serious talent and meet many inspiring leaders in the industry. 

I have been happily drawing, designing and tattooing for clients since, and now work out of Anthem Tattoo in Edmonton, AB with an amazing crew. 


*My hourly rate is $195/hr, no additional charges added onto that price. *

My favourite style of tattooing is definitely bright and bold coloured realism, particularly of faces. I love how versatile drawing a face can be, and the end result is always so full of life. Although my favourite style may also be tied with dark black and white realism and cover up projects. I am proud to say I've come pretty far with my tattooing in the relatively short amount of time I've been practicing this challenging art form, but still have a lifetime of learning, and that's truly exciting :)

When I'm not drawing, I spend as much time as possible with my horses, hanging out with my two young kids and watching them grow and learn, swimming, being outdoors, running, traveling, hanging with friends, doing photoshoots, hiking with my dog, painting, practicing yoga, and reading.




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